Time to get back to smelling of Fixer.

One of my greatest passions in life was photography  – not just taking images but using real old cameras and actually doing the developing at home.

During the last few months while my life was engulfed with the darkest of clouds, I still took photos but never felt actually up to the developing and scanning. I just didn’t want to see my life reflected in front of my eyes so I could see how miserable and pathetic I had become. However during this time, a mountain of exposed films began to grow – so much so that I had to either decide to throw them all out or to develop them and get back into photography big time again.

Today, as part of my new years resolution I decided to grab a random film and keep my fingers crossed that my chemicals still had enough oomph in them to develop the images.  In all honestly I actually enjoyed developing the film and although i was secretly hoping the chemicals had exhausted so the film was ruined I was delighted to see that LC29 has a great lifespan. I used a bottle that I opened over six months ago and it was still working!!

Anyways  – this developing and film has boosted me into wanting to get right back there  – I will always be carrying one of my little Leicas, RoBoT’s or even my lovely Canon Demi (just don expect to see loads of shots from the Demi as it takes ages to shoot a roll on her)

Here is some of the results  – it seems the lens was a Voigtlander Skopar 21mm, possibly bolted onto a Leica Standard or ic and shot on Fomapan 400 – Hope you enjoy, and expect to see a lot more wide angle film photography based posts from me soon

concrete jungle
Concrete Jungle (just off Bishopsgate somewhere)
fun fair in Park Royal
Funfair somewhere around Park Royal
Hoolay in Lower Marsh
Scooting in Lower Marsh
Taking a selfie with my mate Leigh in the Barbican



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